Starting this blog was inspired by my boyfriend, and it all started the week of my birthday, January 21st, 2012.

I was feeling all kinds of emotions, from excitement to emptiness.  It started with excitement, for my birthday, of course. I have learned to appreciate and welcome new age because of new accomplishments, new experiences, new memories, and most of all, new friends. However, that feeling didn’t last long for this birthday…

I began to feel overwhelmed at work, which led to feeling stressed and frustrated, especially when I take on work that’s not my own. It was wearing me down and turning me into a person I’m not.  Then, it made me think, am I bettering myself and growing?

I have accomplished and experienced all these new things, from creating the first Dance Program in my Public School to living in my first apartment with my boyfriend, BUT they made me question how they’ve changed me in a positive and progressive way.

I suddenly got this empty feeling like I was stuck. Everything around me seemed like it was crashing down and my body was getting sucked into a black hole: from work, rowdy and rude New Yorkers, to my brain.  I knew I wanted a change in my life, but I didn’t know where to start. How do you start something that can’t be planned? I’m a teacher. Our whole day is based on plans!!

Through all our conversations, my boyfriend helped me see all the good in me and reminded me of who I was. He also told me positive things about myself that I never knew. He taught me to think outside the box, which is hard for me since I have to make things so concrete for my Kindergarteners most of the time.

That’s how the concept, coloring the lines, came about.

When the thought first crossed my mind, I wanted it to be about my life as a teacher and balancing it in a relationship with my boyfriend’s life as an entrepreneur. Our different lifestyles and schedules have made it quite difficult to manage time.

In one of our conversations he said, “You make the best out of everything, you color in the lines REAL well.”

Then, it hit me, if I color in so well, are the lines of the picture something I can color in too?

This mentality of shifting what is, and doing what can be, was inspired by my boyfriend’s lifestyle.  Letting that mindset trickle into my lesson plans and scheduled dead lines made me question if all these permanent lines can have a colored in life too!  I canmake the best out of what is already set!

When you color the lines, you’re creating a bold border that you want to reach. Those lines are expectations you set for yourself and you keep coloring them in until they are fulfilled. Now, I want to also be an inspiration to others who may be experiencing the same feeling as I am.  There is a picture to be colored, but the lines help you define it, and with inspiration and hope, we’ll pass with flying colors.

So, here I am now; trying to go out of my comfort zone. Those of you who know me, know I’m a very private person, and starting this blog is a big step for me, but I take it proudly.  Follow me on my journey.  I’m not quite sure what I’m looking for or where I’m going. I didn’t make plans for this one.

‘Til next week world,

Miss You

PS Check out my About page too!


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