Lifelong Learner


 “The Dollhouse”

by Shel Silverstein

You can’t crawl back in the dollhouse-

You’ve gotten too big to get in.

You’ve got to live here

Like the rest of us do.

You’ve got to walk roads

That are winding and new.

But oh, I wish I could

Crawl back with you,

Into the dollhouse again.

     This poem reminds me of when one of my Education profressors said, “When you become a teacher, you are becoming a lifelong learner.” Now, that I have four years of teaching experience, I totally agree with that statement.

     Every year has been different in and out of school. The students I have taught in the last four years vary from one extreme to another, from behavioral issues to their academic needs. I feel like I haven’t stopped learning to address the needs’ of my students.

     Not only am I a lifelong learner as a teacher; but also as an individual.

     If you keep yourself from learning, you are limiting yourself and missing out on progressing. You will be stuck in your dollhouse!

Teachers keep learning to keep up with the times, society, and new approaches to instruction. Some ways teachers taught a long time ago won’t go too far in the world today. Now, there’s computers and different kinds of technology, new history has been made, children are being brought up differently, and their interests are extremely different.

 As individuals, we must be open to learning because we go through many different stages in life with new experiences. What best way to learn than experiencing it hands-on!

Exploring makes us wonder outside the box (dollhouse). This nourishes thinking instead of molding our brains into narrow mindedness.

Give your students and yourself space to grow at their own pace.

Of course, this leaves room for making mistakes. I always tell my students that it is ok when they make a mistake because they learn from it. I ask them what they learned from their mistake. Followed by; what should you do instead? How can you do better?

It builds their self-confidence, and it teaches them to take risks without fear. It encourages them to reflect on their actions and take responsibility for them.

A mistake is a risk that we make to grow with the hope we are right.

Our slogan in our classroom was inspired by Bob the Builder. He says (me), “Can we fix it?” All of his construction machines (students) respond, “Yes! We can!”

It’s amazing how as simple as a slogan that is; it really motivates them.

They’ve seen Bob do it, so why can’t they achieve their accomplishments?

Why can’t you!?

“You can’t crawl back in the dollhouse-

You’ve gotten too big to get in.”

Don’t live life in fear!

Instead, embrace the world as a castle of your soul.

This thought came to mind at Church (St. Francis of Assissi) today when I heard the opening hymn, “Castle of the Soul,” by Tony Alonso.

“In the soul there are many rooms, a castle built of precious jewels .” To me, this means that there many things within you that you don’t know about, and each of them is unleashed as you go through life. When the time is right, the door to a new room in your soul opens.

It’s like a treasure hunt looking for those ‘precious jewels.’ It is up to you  to LEARN how to find them in this castle of a world.

“Trust and never be the same. See, the door is open wide; God is calling you inside.”

Trust God’s plan for you. Everything happens for a reason. Take every opportunity you have to help you grow because every year nothing will ever be the same.

And remember, not all opportunities have to be positive opportunities to learn from them.

“Leave behind what holds you bound.”

Let go of things that hinder you from growing.

You don’t have to be careful, if you are smart about your decisions.

I’m sure many people want to go back into their dollhouse because that’s when they didn’t have many responsibilities and cares.

Life was so simple then, and it felt safe.

You’ve outgrown it with all the new experiences you encountered.

Don’t feel like something is ever too big for you.

Embrace the castle of your soul.

Face your problems and learn from them so you don’t have to go through them again. And, if you do, at least you’ll know how to handle them the second time around.

Life is a journey. You have to learn many things as you go to get to where you want to be.

‘Til next week world,

Miss You


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