by Shel Silverstein

Underneath my outside face

There’s a face that none can see.

A little less smiley,

A little less sure,

But a whole lot more like me.

Everyone can front that they have all the confidence in the world, but there has to be just a hint of insecurity.


People always say that the world’s worst critic is only yourself.

Unless, you have people who are just full of themselves, but I don’t consider those people down to earth.

In my opinion, a little insecurity is a good balance to your persona. I feel like it keeps you grounded and makes you think rationally about things.

There’s consequences for everything you do, and it’s careless to not think about that.

However, too much insecurities can completely take over your actions and impede you from taking any risks.

Don’t let your insecurities overcome your life!

I like to think of this as surfing.








I, personally, don’t like to surf. I don’t even like going too far in the ocean because I’m scared of the current pulling me in.

I can swim, but I can’t swim to save my life.

In turn, I like to have control over my life. I’m into details and planning the future.

It makes me feel secure knowing I have control of what’s going to happen.

Who doesn’t like to feel that they’re in control or have some control?

Surfing is all about that.

You control your balance to ride the wave, which are obstacles thrown at you.

If you lose that control, you wipe out and the waves begin to push and pull you in all sorts of directions.

All of a sudden, you feel like you’re drowning.

You’re trying to wave your hand in the air so the lifeguard can come rescue you.

The LIFEguard can be God, your family, your friends, and your significant other.

Now, it’s up to you to decide if you’re going to try to ride a wave again.

Some fear may have been instilled in you, but it’s all in your head.

The only thing that  truly holds you down is yourself.

Blaming someone else or something else (wave) won’t justify your actions or lack thereof.

It’s all about finding the right wave for you so that in the end you control it.

It doesn’t control you.

Every time you wipe out, you’re only making yourself better because you’re learning how to control yourself to ride the wave.

You learn something about yourself with each wave because each one is different.

How long you ride the wave for is up to you.

It is a test of your stamina, strength, and balance.

How much can you handle?

The stronger the wave, the stronger it makes you.

‘Til next week world,

Miss You


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