Optical Illusion

When you were little, did you enjoy staring at optical illusion books for hours to see the hidden picture?

I know I didn’t. I was never able to see it no matter how intently I stared.

I never knew what I was really looking for.

I felt lost in all the different colors and patterns that served as distractions.

Lately, I’ve been feeling like that about life.

The overall optical illusion is colorful and bright. It is filled with many different things.

I am healthy. I have an awesome boyfriend who is the perfect balance to my imperfections.  I have family and friends that care about me. I have a great job that I enjoy.


why do I feel like something is missing?

Something is hiding from me, and I’m having a difficult time finding it.

Just like finding the hidden picture in an optical illusion.

If you look closely enough and long enough, you’ll find something that was there all along. Don’t let those different patterns distract you and make you feel lost.

Pay attention to what’s in front of you and appreciate it.

Find that special “hidden” characteristic within you.

It’s there.

Just take a step back and look passed all the colors and shapes.

There’s a secret to the optical illusion.

Once you know it, it’s not as fun any more.

It’s like the secret of life.

You constantly have the feeling of wanting more.

You spend most of your life learning and practicing to be great at something. Once you’ve fulfilled it, you feel great, but how long does that  exact feeling of that exact moment last?

Sure, you have the memory, and you feel awesome every time you mention or think it.

But, can you really compare your feelings of the memory to your feelings at that very moment?

As a teacher, I constantly tell my class that after they’ve reached their goal, there’s always a new goal to reach after that. Our goals keep us motivated and give us the feeling of worth.

You are worth more with every experience and everything you learn.

The funny thing about optical illusions is that many people can see different hidden pictures while looking at the same illusion.

It’s all about how you perceive life and how you handle those distractions surrounding the hidden picture.

The answers to an optical illusion are never ending.

Thus, leaving us with the feeling of wanting more.

So don’t feel lost.

Find a hidden picture within you while trying to block out everything.

What’s next for you?

‘Til next week world,

Miss You


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