Bear Hug Time

Imagine teaching 25 5 year-olds for 6 hours Monday through Friday all by yourself.

One of the hardest parts is managing all their different personalities.

You’ll have one child that’s really quiet and listens to everything you say. Then, you’ll have another child that has something to say about everything.

In professional development meetings, they often mention that there is a reason behind a child’s behavior.

You never know what the child’s home life is like and what they went through just before they came to school.

In my classroom this year, I tried a different approach to understanding their personalities and behavior.

I started a Bear Hug Time with Ms. You.

It’s time that each individual student gets to spend with me to talk about whatever they want.

They could talk to me about how their feeling  at that moment, about anything that happened in and/or out of school, or about any “problem” they need help in solving.

It felt fulfilling to see their priceless smiles and how their eyes lit up when it was their turn for bear hug time.

When I started bear hug time, I noticed that the behavior in my class got better.

Bear hug time gives me the opportunity to better understand my kids, and it helps in creating a comfortable environment in class.

My kids are happy they have someone to talk to, even if it’s totally random.

Not all of them have someone to talk to at home, which is sad because they have a lot to say.

Wouldn’t you feel alone if someone hasn’t spoken to you in awhile?

5 year-olds can be pretty insightful.

They just need a chance.


what better way to top off our Bear hug time but with a hug itself.

Who doesn’t love hugs?

They make you feel loved, calm, and safe.

When was the last time you had  Bear Hug time with  friend, a family member, or a significant other?

People need to use it more instead of arguing.

Listen rather than accuse.

If you know someone is not acting like their usual self, take the time and ask them what’s wrong instead of getting angry at them about their attitude.

Words reveal, define, explain, and shape.

They shape our observations.

They define our experiences.

Give someone a bear hug.

You may change their life.

‘Til next week world,

Miss You


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