More Than Words

That temper of mine!

Forgive me, Lord-

I let it get the better of me again.

When will I ever learn to wait

until I’ve heard the whole story,

to respond under pressure as Christ would,

to meet evil with good?

I’m growing, Lord,

but my growth is far too slow.

Till my life-

break up clods of pride,

root out weeds of selfishness,

plow under every vestige of stubbornness.

Cultivate me and sow liberally

more of  the Spirit’s

fruit-bearing seed.

Send showers

and storms (if need be),

shine brightly on my soul.

Then I will sprout forth

patience and kindness and love-

and self-control-

in abundance,

And my tongue will learn

to help and heal

and praise the Name

 of the One through whom

I pray,


(War of Words by Paul David Tripp)

This prayer is from a book I’m reading right now.


The intriguing title captivated me, and I automatically knew I wanted to read this book.

Obviously, I don’t have severe communication struggles or else I wouldn’t be able to be a teacher.

However, I do struggle to effectively communicate in certain situations; like in confrontations with anyone.

I tend to be passive in confrontations by understanding the other person’s standpoint, and I take it as an opportunity to learn about him/her.

If I strongly disagree with him/her, I will state my opinion in the nicest way I can.

But, I wasn’t always like that.

I would tense up during arguments, and my thoughts were scattered.

Have you ever felt like the weight of the world was on your shoulders, and it was so heavy that your heart felt like it was getting crushed?

That’s me during an argument.

Not because of how upset I am, but because of how nervous I am.

According to Paul David Tripp, “Words are the fruit of the root issues found in our hearts.”

So, how could I find my words if I felt like I had no heart left?

He believes that arguments are started mainly because there’s a war going on in our hearts, a war between good and evil.

You can blame others for the hostile words you say or you can blame the circumstances, but the only real thing you can blame is yourself.

How you feel inside will affect the way you deal with the people around you.


the next time you get upset about something,

stop and think if it’s worth it,

and if it is,

choose your words wisely.

‘Til next week world,

Miss You


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