The Best Time of My Life

How can you define a moment the best time you ever had,

if you haven’t experienced everything life has to offer you?

I’m sure many of you had at least once said, “This is the best day of my life!”

I know the students in my class have said it many a times.

They mostly said it on days when we celebrate holidays and do fun hands-on activities.

One of my kids just said it the Friday before Memorial day weekend.

We were making Memorial Day teddy bears.

It was just  a cut and paste activity,

but the students were allowed to color the bear whatever they want.

They only HAD to color the flag the colors they’re supposed to be.

One of the kids, who is hard to please, said, “This is the best day ever!”

I thought it was funny and cute,

because if only he knew, how much more awesome life will get.

I know when I was a child,

the best times of my life were getting new toys and family vacations.

It’s hard to measure the best times of my life.

I don’t think you really can.

They are all different experiences and give you different feelings that are underlined by the same genuine happiness.


would be the best time of my life, and

I know it’ll last a lifetime.

It’s the incomparable and indescribable feeling I have for and with my boyfriend.

In October of this year,

it will make 7 years.

It almost feels we have been through it all,

but we don’t know that yet because it’s really

only the beginning.

In the first couple of years,

we used to fight like crazy,

to the point of punching walls and panic attacks.

Of course,

we went through that break up stage,

but that just made the relationship stronger,

because it is meant to be.

We have been living together for almost 2 years now,

and I’m glad we have because it is a learning experience.

It was hard in the beginning because we had to compromise on chores and who’s going to pay for what.

The biggest compromise was time and space.

Although we live together,

we hardly spend time together because our work schedules clash.

He’s up all hours of the day working on his many entrepreneurial projects.

Everything is going well and moving fast for him,

which makes him extra busy.

I, on the otherhand,

have a set schedule.

I wake up at 5:00 a.m. to go to work and I get out of work at 2:40.

I don’t get home until 4:00,

but I have to cook, clean, do at least an hour of work, play with Wiggum,

and find a slot of time when he has free time for me.

I try to make myself as readily available for my boyfriend as I can

because I know my schedule is more predictable than his.

Don’t get me wrong.

I do have a life and make time for friends and family,

but I jump at the chance of any free time he has.

We still are finding out new things about each other,

most of which are in the middle of our growing process.

This is the best time of OUR lives.

I truly feel like his best friend


now he can talk to me about anything.

I have learned to not hold back anything

and to not be nervous to talk to him.

I used to be intimidated by him because

he is intelligent and insightful.

He thinks beyond anything anyone can imagine,

and I love that about him because that challenges me.

Because of him,

I feel intelligent and insightful.

This is the best I have ever been,

the best he has ever been,

the best we have ever been,

so far.

‘Til next week world,

Miss You 


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