“Why be a kind person, if you’re not going to have a kind heart?”

– Ephraim Gerard Cruz

Some people are genuinely kind because

they have a kind heart.

Others, however,

are  kind because

they want to move up in this world.

Unfortunately for them,

God has his way of revealing your true colors,

when it is the right time.

People who know me,


that I am patient, caring, kind-hearted, understanding, laid back, and an optimist.

I try to make the best out of the worst situation,

of any situation.

I know there’s an answer to everything,

and it won’t be figured out with pessimism and frustration.

Who wants to live their life like that anyway?

It’ll just make the brightest of days dark and gloomy.

You miss out on the real meaning of life,

especially if you try to cheat your way through it.

Taking short cuts doesn’t build your character,

you’re only cutting yourself short.

“Be careful the environment you choose for it will shape you; be careful the friends you choose for you will become like them.”

– W. Clement Stone


I feel like my kind heart is shaping into a hateful heart,

and I strongly dislike that


I know that’s not who I am.

That’s not a person I respect.

I was raised to respect people for who they are,

and treat people the same way I want to be treated,

even if they were the most unkind person ever.

I understand that there are hurtful people in this world,

and there’s nothing I can do to change that.

I am certainly trying

by teaching my students good values

to help build their character.


why is my heart hateful,

if I mean well?

At work,

I am having a hard time

finding the line of professionalism and personalism.

Throughout my 4 years teaching at my school,

I have done a great job keeping it professional.

I have made a few great friends along the way,

but we know that at work,

our jobs come first.

I have respected everyone for who they are

and accepted them with their flaws.


this year,

I am having a hard time distinguishing the two

because I feel that how you work

is a reflection of your character.

As a result,

I am losing respect for a couple of people,

and I am trying really hard to still show them respect.

It’s beginning to take it’s toll on me

because I don’t like feeling like this.

It’s not me,

but there has to come a time where I put my foot down.


I shouldn’t be afraid to do so,

because I am sticking up for myself and my beliefs.

There it is.

Put your foot down,

with charisma and respect of others’ opinions,

but carry yours with pride.

Don’t lose sight of what’s in your heart,

or else you’ll lose sight of the meaning of your life.

‘Til next week world,

Miss You


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