Role Models

What are the qualities of a good role model?

That’s hard to identify


not one person is the same.


role models may be looked up to for different reasons.

For example,

when I was little,

one of my role models was Chamique Holdsclaw.

She was a basketball player for the University of Tennessee,

who led them in winning 4 championships.

I practiced hard

to play just like her.

I had my life all planned out.

During the school year,

I’d be a teacher,

and during the summer,

I’d be a professional basketball player in the WNBA.


many of the girls in my class look up to

Selena Gomez or the princesses from all the Disney movies.

But why?

They want to be pretty like them, dress like them, or sing like them.

As their every day role model,

I tell them it’s not about what you look like that matters,

it’s about what kind of friend you are

and how smart you are.

People dress up in certain ways because

it’s their way of expressing themselves.

It’s fun to put an outfit together, but

what people respect,

is the kind of person you are.

It is hard for 5 year-olds to understand that,

but most of them seem to get it (with some tough love).

My role models have changed throughout all my different stages in life.

The one role model that I have always kept in my heart,

is my mom.

Yesterday, on June 10,

she turned 69 years old,

and if you’re following me on instagram (@msyou_),

you wouldn’t believe it!

The secret to looking that young at her age is,


She is the most patient person I have come across.

People tell me that’s one of my strongest characteristics.

I especially need it working with 25 5 year-olds every day,

and if I want to avoid getting grey hair early.

In difficult situations,

she keeps her cool and is rationale about anything she decides.

My mom knows how to tell someone something bad in the nicest way possible.


of course,

she is a cornball.

That’s where all my corny jokes come from.

She is hard-working and determined,

and she makes the best out of any situation.

She takes people for who they are and

shows everyone the same kind of respect she intends to receive.


those are the qualities of my role model.

Who is your role model?


‘Til next week world,

Miss You


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