Life Song

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”

– Bob Marley

If you know me well,

you know that I love all genres of music,

from 80’s pop to today’s rap.

On Friday,

I went to Canal Room,

a dance club in NYC,

to see the Bayside Tigers.

They are a 90’s cover band.

They were awesome to watch

and listen to.

After the show,

the DJ played all 90’s hip hop

and pop.

I haven’t danced like that in

a long


The feeling that I got

from hearing the music,

dancing to it,

and feeding off the energy of everyone else,

was nostalgic.

I’d have to say the 90’s

was my favorite decade for music,

from hip hop to pop to reggae,

especially reggae.


it made me think,

why do people hang on to such classic songs?

Everyone may have a different reason,

perhaps a certain memory attached to

a song,

which leads to my question,

what were you doing in the 90’s?

I’m so glad I was born in 1985

(yes, I’m not afraid to admit it)

because I got to grow up

in the 90’s.

My love for different genres of music

came from

my two older brothers.

One was more pop and rock,

and the other was more hip hop and rap.

Growing up with all genres

around me

made me create

a joy

for music.

This leaks into my


for dance.

Until this day,

music and dancing

is my outlet.

When I’m in a slump,

I love listening to music

and most of the time

dance to it

to get me out of my funk.

The genre that got me out of my funk

the last time

may not be the same

for other times.

It all depends on the person

and their feelings

at that moment.

Music makes me feel safe.

It definitely saves me in the classroom.

When my kids are starting to act up,

I just start singing a song,

and most of the time,

it’s a song,

I make up on the spot.

My kids start singing with me

99.9% of the time,

and I have their attention

once again.

This brings me back to 90’s night.

Do you think people love

old school

so much because it

brings back

their youth?

Who really knows?

The good times of the past

that comes

with the song

brings hope for the future.

“Life, he realize, was much like a song. In the beginning there is mystery, in the end there is confirmation, but it’s in the middle where all the emotion resides to make the whole thing worthwhile.”

– Nicholas Sparks, The Last Song

What’s your song?

‘Til next week world,

Miss You 


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