Wild Card

The wild card for the Olympics this year

is a rower

from Niger


Hamadou Issaka.

He crossed the finish line in

1 minute and 39 seconds

after the winner.

He did this without

any training


there are no boats in his


I never knew about the wild card athlete.

The Olympics committee


an athlete

from an under-privileged country.

This is awesome

because it provides hope

for those

who are living

in the worst


They say Hamadou


the biggest cheer,

which proves to the world,

that people do

have compassion

for others.

When Hamadou was interviewed,

he said,

he was just glad he didn’t make the boat fall over at the starting line.

This portrays what the Olympics is all about:

being happy and honored

to represent

your country.

He wants to serve as an inspiration to  younger athletes,

which is a common message portrayed by many

in the Olympics

this year.

They are not making it about themselves,


about their team

and their country.

It’s nice to see



all the differences and problems

in the world,

we can still come together and

have a friendly competition.

These athletes have


for one another


one another’s abilities.

This excellent


is what the youth needs today.

It’s not about the win;

it’s about the journey


being grateful

for what you have.

It’s an honor to represent your country


a blessing to win a medal.


when life

gives you

a wild card,

play it.

You never know what blessings may come from it.

‘Til next week word,

Miss You


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