Independent Woman

 “You. Are. Amazing.”

As. You. Are.

Stronger than you know.

More beautiful than you think.

Worthier than you believe.

More loved than you can ever imagine.

Passionate about making a difference.

Fiery when protecting those you love.

Learning. Growing. Not alone.

Warm. Giving. Generous.

Quirky. Sexy. Fun. Smart.

Flawed. Whole. Scared. Brave.

And so, so, so. much. more.

Be Strong. Be Confident. Be You.

~ Tia Sparkles Singh

I like to consider myself as an

independent woman.

Who wouldn’t

want to be someone

who can hold their own

and have


over their life?


are independent women

really independent?

I don’t think so


it doesn’t necessarily mean

not being

in a relationship.

You may depend

on friends, family,

delicious comfort food,

working out,

work, or hobbies.

Everyone’s dependent on

someone or something

one way or another.

My travels this summer

have helped me


that I am


in some aspects

of my life.

I have a steady job,

which I love and adore.

I am responsible

when it comes to

managing my time

and my bills.

I’m not afraid to go out

and do things

on my own.


the other half of my life

depends on

my boyfriend,

Wiggum (my dog),

my family,

my friends,

and my students.

It is in my character

to make all these

special people in my life


My happiness depends on their happiness.

It’s that motherly instinct in me,

to nurture

everyone around me.


what is the true definition of an

independent woman?

In the end,

it’s a woman

who can hold her own.

She can pull through in the roughest and darkest of times,

within herself and without the help of anyone else.

She can maintain relationships,

be it with friends, family, or a significant other,

and not lose her identity in those relationships.

“Be Strong. Be Confident. Be You.”

~ Tia Sparkles Singh


‘Til next week world,

Miss You

 ps- watch me color on instagram: @msyou_







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