Aim: You will live with hope and courage to go for BOLD moments in your life.

Objectives: You will define your BOLD moments by coloring the lines.

  • You will fulfill your BOLD moments by coloring In the lines.
  • You will feel a resurgence of hope and courage.
  • You will feel compassion.
  • You will see the simple things in life and enjoy them.
Standards: God’s plan, unconditional love, happiness, open-mind, feeling of fulfillment

Prior Knowledge: I am a Kindergarten teacher and have been for the past 4 years. I am a romantic sap, patient, understanding, compassionate, caring, nurturing, rational, determined, athletic (maybe not as much as when I was younger), and a bitch if you push me off the edge. I am a cornball, an optimist, and a planner. I come off shy at first, but when I get to know you, I become comfortable and show more of myself. My boyfriend of 7 years is a creative entrepreneur. As you can imagine, our schedules and lifestyles are extremely different. However, we do share many similarities. We’re both cornballs, thoughtful, nurturing, compassionate, determined, and optimistic. He has many qualities that I truly admire the most. He is creative, a futurist, brave, inspirational, and a trend-setter.

Materials: heart, mind, family, friends, prayer

Motivational: Display good things in life to help you see the good in everyone and everything.

  • Initiate your sense of wonder by asking yourself if there is more to life than what is present.
  • Initiate your sense of wonder by asking you how you’ve colored lately.
  • Color the lines to define BOLD moments/expectations/dreams.
Procedural: Use your wonder and hope to do something you’re scared to try.
  • Come on the journey to learn WITH me not from me.
  • Color in the lines by living with compassion and patience.

Ask yourself if you’re truly happy and what makes you happy.
  • Feel fulfilled and look back on what you’ve learned and how you grew.
  • Define yourself as a lifelong learner to constantly progress in every chapter of your life.
Follow-up: Live life to the fullest and live it with hope, patience, courage, compassion, and humility.


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